23 April 2021
Official presentation of the new sublimation printer TS100-1600. In this webinar, our Commercial Director, Marco Vanzini, will talk about the features and new functionalities of Mimaki’s new textile printing model.

1 March 2021
Official presentation of the new and improved Tiger-1800B MKIII. In this webinar, our Sales Director, Marco Vanzini, will talk about the features and new functionalities of Mimaki’s new industrial textile printing model.

20 November 2020
Learn how to use spot colors with Mimaki specialized Tech support team

30 October 2020
Learn how to improve print quality of your Mimaki printer. Our specialized Tech Support team will show you how to maximize speed without losing quality, how to get maximum ink penetration and how to print at night without any problems.
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2 October 2020
Learn investment strategies in textile printing machines with our Sales Director Marco Vanzini. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different machine solutions, how to calculate ROI, when is the best time to change your machine and what are the reasons why Mimaki TS55-1800 is the market leader.

30 September 2020
Learn how to optimize the maintenance of your Mimaki printer with our Tech Support Team.

9 July 2020
Crea Solution and Mimaki La Meccanica join Mimaki Bompan Textile and explain the advantages of print & cut solutions and the workflow breakdown from start to finish.

15 June 2020
Let’s see the market trends, which materials to use, which set up of machines to choose. With the participation of DPI Italia, Flexa and Italia Publishers. Speaker: Marco Vanzini, Sales Director, Mimaki Bompan Textile

5 June 2020
Let’s see the financial benefits of investing with Mimaki

21 May 2020
Designed to create a wide range of textile applications and capable of printing on a variety of materials, Mimaki’s brand new TX300P-1800 MkII has got it all. This unique hybrid textile solution helps you to stay responsive to tomorrow’s market demands and allows you to switch your production from fashion textile to interior fabrics.

Mimaki Bompan Textile

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