About our joint venture

Mimaki Bompan Textile is specialised in providing digital printing solutions for the textile and apparel market

Japanese technology company Mimaki has established a joint venture with Bompan, its trusted Italian distributor with longstanding experience in the textile industry. We offer a complete line-up, from entry-level systems to high-volume production machines.

Fashion solutions

Print and try out a new idea the moment the inspiration hits. Our textile printers reduce lead time for sample-making and color matching, meaning you'll never have to leave any ideas behind. You'll have the flexibility to simply print whatever you need, whenever you need, in exactly the qualities that you need.
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Interior fabrics

The design of a fabric no longer needs to be generic and suitable for mass production. Various types of fabrics can be printed on-demand (even silk!) with any possible design and in any required quantity. Think about unique curtains, upholstery for chairs and couches, bedding and pillows.
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Sport apparel

Plate-less digital printing enables creation of sports uniforms each with individual names, numbers and other custom text or images. You can even add something extra to our proposals, like customized towels to match the uniforms.
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Soft signage

Create indoor and outdoor polyester soft signage for decorating retail spaces, including flags, banners and tapestries. Make fabric POP displays that match our delivered products or handing banners that complement the design of your apparel.
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Customized items

Images can be printed on towels, T-shirts, handkerchiefs, mouse pads, neck straps, cushions, etc. as well as on polyester-coated mugs, glasses, coasters, etc. With a single printer, you can create many different customized items, which helps broaden the breadth of your business.
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