Facing the future

Produce masks that are both functional and fashionable with Mimaki

TR300-1850C - Textile Coater

Originally designed for inkjet printing applications, the Mimaki TR300-1850C coater has demonstrated its suitability for the specific treatments required for making mask materials sterile and impermeable.

Easy to use, this roll-to-roll pre-treatment unit makes it simple to apply coating on fabrics; from water-soluble antibacterial and antiviral disinfectants to silicone-based products for impermeability, you name it!

Once inserted, the fabric passes through a padder, where it is implanted with the selected chemicals, and in successive phases through squeeze rollers and a dryer, before being rewound into a roll, ready for the next process.


Unique Features

  • Multi-function roll-to-roll machine for both preparing and finishing fabrics: apply any possible finish, from water repellent to softener
  • Combined high level efficiency, productivity and low operational costs
  • High compact inline fabric dryer
  • Liquid recirculation to keep fabric treatment highly steady
  • Reduced footprint, can be installed almost anywhere

Facing the future

Looking ahead with a more positive outlook, facemasks are playing an integral role in helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and are thus contributing to safer communities. With Mimaki sublimation printers, fabrics pre-treated with the TR300-1850C coater can be decorated and personalised, meeting the demand for trendy accessories.

Go for the TS55-1800 sublimation printer for high production runs on polyester. Or choose the TX300P-1800 MkII hybrid printer to print on natural fabrics, polyester and paper!

Want to know more about how inkjet technologies can help with producing facemasks and other protective clothing? Check out this blog.

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